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Sheet Manufacturing

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White Stone Solid surface sheets are manufactured by our own company by mixing acrylic or polyester resin powder bauxite filler and pigments. The acquired material is then cut chemically and is heated on our sheets, and sanded on one or both sides using drum sander for high quality to improve its heat resistance.

White Stone Acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can mix one sheet at a time using different formulations, effects and appearances. Acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can be injected into molds to produce various solid decorative design figures.

White Stone Sheets can also be moulded using dedicated moulds. Once the mould has been prepared for casting, the material is degassed in an automated casting machine. The mould is then injected into the cavity.
Various finishes are available including, gel coated, matte, gloss, metallic and textured.


We also deal with the following brands:

1.WS (White Stone)

2. Samsung Staron

3. Du Pont Corian

4. LG Hi-Macs

5. Hanex Solid Surfaces

6. TriStone

7. Durasein


For Sheet Purchases and all type of Sheet production, you may contact us directly, and we assure you our best prices on sheets and after sales services. Please feel free to contact us.



For Sheet Purchase, contact: +971 55 6795805

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