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Fabrication of Solid Surface

White Stone Solid Surface being our fabricator shapes and installs functional and decorative surfaces usually in buildings. Surface fabrication, as a distinct professional enterprise, usually involves complex tasks of surface shaping. Our fabrication includes router drills, templates, clamps, ovens, suction cups for grips and table saws. Larger surface fabricators may also use CNC routers. For the simplest jobs, surface fabrication usually takes place in the workshop, after which the finished product is assembled and installed at the work site. Installation of multi-part surfaces, such as "L" and "U" shaped countertops, often involves complex work with specialized tools, to create a seamless result.

Applications is used in the following environment

Kitchen/Bathroom: kitchen worktops with integrated sink, vanity countertops, bath tubs.

Hospitality/Catering: bars, tables, reception desks etc.

Shop Fitting: displays, counters, wall cladding etc.

Airports: check-in counters, p
ublic buildings: displays in museums, facades, meeting tables etc.

Hospitals: laboratory countertops, decontamination sinks etc.


For Fabrication contact: +971 55 6795805

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